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Windswept Adan | Double Deluxe LP

Windswept Adan | Double Deluxe LP

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Ichiko Aoba "Windswept Adan" Black vinyl 2xLP in a gatefold jacket with additional print on the inside pockets. Comes with full colour 12x24" insert.

This design is identical to the Japanese version, but was manufactured in Canada, so there may be variations in colour and paper texture.


Side A

01 Prologue

02 Pilgrimage

03 Porcelain

Side B


05 Easter Lily

06 Parfum d'étoiles

Side C

07 Kirinakijima

08 Sagu Palmʼs Song

09 Chinuhaji

10 Red Silence

Side D

11 Hagupit

12 Dawn in the Adan

13 Ohayashi

14 Luminescent Creatures


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